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        ????????Grace in Düren, Germany

        Grace is an active member of the communities in which we are located. With a goal to improve the community, we contribute to local economies through sustainable actions including jobs, education initiatives, contributions, and charitable donations. ?


        ?Key Facts

        ?Community Relations???


        Grace Silica GmbH, Kreuzauer, Str. 46
        Düren?, Germany 52355

        Phone: +49 02421 40370

        ?Number of employees: ~90

        Principle Activity: Manufacturing

        Key Products: Precipitated silica, NA-Al-Mg silica, Aluminum Sulfate solution

        Applications: Toothpaste thickening, cleaning ails, fillers for tires and technical rubbers, anti-caking and free-flow additives in food processing, matting agents in coatings and paints.