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        Chemical Processing


        ?????????Anti-Blocking Agents

         ???Using SYLOBLOC? anti-blocking agents prevents layers of polymer films from sticking together – known as "blocking" in the industry. SYLOBLOC?  anti-blocking agents also enhance surface structure of films resulting in improved scratch-resistance.

        SYLOBLOC?  anti-blocking agents are non-toxic, synthetic amorphous silica gels with purity exceeding 99%. Such synthetic silica gels provide several advantages in polymer films and your manufacturing processes including:

                • High efficiency - only low concentrations are needed to attain desired effects     
                • Excellent dispersibility and high film clarity
                • FDA and BGA compliance for the food contact
                • Consistent and reproducible product quality

        Combining silica with organic additives such as fatty acid amides can offer additional performance benefits to SYLOBLOC? anti-blocking agent product line. In addition, porosity, average particle size, number of organic additives, and other physical characteristics can be adapted to suit specific requirements.

        To select the right SYLOBLOC? anti-blocking agents for your application, please contact your Grace representative.?